South African in Macau


Hi there! My name is Andri and I have been happily living in Macau since November 2017.

I was born in South Africa.  I grew up in a warm and loving home and had a happy childhood.

I am married to a strong, loving and kind man.  We decided to move to Macau to further his career in the aviation industry after praying about it a lot.  We are Christians and believe that God has a purpose for us in Macau.

There is a community of ex-pats from all over the world, including South Africa here, and when all of us get together there are always a lot of laughs and a sense of community.  I am part of the International ladies club Macau where there is a variety of amazing ladies that have lived here for a long time.  They are eager to help in any way they can and do a lot for the community of Macau.

I visited Macau with my husband in February 2017 to see how the island looks and get a feel for the city for our potential new home.  Coming from South Africa, I did not know what to expect from Macau.  I was pleasantly surprised by the city.  To get to Macau, it is a 12 and a half hour plane ride from South Africa to Hong Kong and a 70-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau.  It’s a really long journey, but once your there it is really exciting but very different from South Africa.

Join me in my journey and adventures in Macau.


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