South African in Macau

My husband and I both absolutely love Christmas time, for us it’s a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the end of a year and for our family and Christians around the world it is also to celebrate that God send His only Son to earth to give us salvation.  It is truly a magical and blessed time for my husband and I.


I really had no idea what to expect for Christmas in Macau.  I’m used to stores in South Africa being decorated with Christmas tinsel, white snowflakes stencilled on the window panes and lights in the windows, Christmas trees in every store and most homes.  Macau really went big for Christmas this year.  My husband and I was so happy to see artificial Christmas trees sold here that we bought the very first one we came across at Daiso in Macau.  We bought tinsel and a star and the most beautiful blue and silver ball ornaments with the nativity scene on them.  We were so excited we put up our tree by 20 November already.  It wasn’t until a couple of days later that we saw there are a hand full of other stores that also sell Christmas decorations, trees, wrapping paper etc.

My family came to visit us from 19 till 26 December, and we got to show them around Macau.  Hubby had to work on Christmas day with a layover (he’s a pilot) so we did a big Christmas eve dinner.  In preparation for the big Christmas dinner we went out the week before and bought a turkey!

Now I need to add that in South Africa we eat a roasted shoulder of lamb, potatoes, rice, 2 veggies (we make them sweet – the Afrikaans way) and sometimes we throw in a roast chicken for good measure – you know just in case anyone is still hungry 😉 We immediately follow it up with at least one hot pudding – usually Malva pudding with custard and ice cream – yum!  We usually eat all of this at around 2pm on Christmas day.  All the ladies cook together – or stands close to the kitchen to chat and we play Christmas carols or Christmas music.  It’s a real family affair and I love every bit about it down to the last piece of Malva pudding with coffee.  It is this feeling that I wanted to recreate here in Macau.  Oh and in South Africa it’s mid-summer on 25 December so think nice summer dresses and cool drinks.  In Macau it’s mid winter and didn’t feel like Christmas time at all – I mean I’m used to this temperatures being in July not December.  So the weather wasn’t helping to create my Christmas feeling, but I’m not easily deterred.

We couldn’t find shoulder of lamb here so, hubby and I decided to do a turkey dinner – we saw a Gordon Ramsey video he did a while back about Christmas turkey so we decided to do that.  We made space in the freezer for the 5,5 pound turkey and started planning our meal.  The meal was to be Turkey with carrots and rice.  I also got the recipe for the gravy from the Gordon Ramsey video. It was the first time I’ve made a turkey and the Gordon Ramsey video was the first time I watched anyone do a turkey dinner…

The prepping started the night of the 23rd, and everything was set so that I could start the turkey in the oven at 9:00 – we wanted to eat by 16:00 and having never done this type of thing, but knowing it’ll take a while to cook and rest I decided on 9:00.  The rest of the day I spent running around the kitchen and cooking, baking and cooking again.  We played Christmas music for a while and was ready to eat at 15:30.  I prepared a butternut soup for starters the week before, which I refrigerated and could heat up easily before dinner.  Here is photos of the end result – I am very proud of my efforts – we even had South African Nederburg wine we found!

The evening we exchanged gifts and called our family in South Africa because hubby was working on Christmas day – he only had the evening to wish them all well.

On Christmas day he left for work at 9:00 and the rest of us relaxed a bit at home before heading out for sightseeing.  We walked around the whole day, and even had a stop at Starbucks – my favourite! We got Portuguese egg tarts at a local shop for a snack – it was sooo good!  This is a picture of how they look for reference, I took this photo when we were in Macau in February 2017.


We saw some nice lights in the evening and attended the St Paul’s Ruins part of the Macau light festival.  Click on this link for the video I took of the show – I really enjoyed it.  Senado square was also beautifully decorated with lights.  The Venetian had a really nice light show as well that had two parts, one part was the show that ran for December and the other was a Christmas extra – I captured both of them from start to finish, and you can watch them by clicking on these links – Christmas show, regular show.

And these are all the Christmas trees I saw in Macau.  Christmas time in Macau was really great this year.





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