South African in Macau

Visiting beautiful Hac Sa Beach, Coloane.

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Hac Sa Beach, Coloane is a really nice escape from the city.  It has beautiful green gardens and the South China Sea is calm and a nice warm temperature to swim in, much like the Indian Ocean in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  The sand at Hac Sa Beach is extremely hot during summer time, so remember to bring flip flops that you can wear on the sand and take off just before your feet hit the ocean – my husband and I forgot ours and it felt like our feet were developing blisters as we ran from the pavement, over the sand and into the water.  The feeling of the warm water on your skin is pleasant and makes you want to stay in the ocean the whole day.  Just remember to bring sunscreen along to avoid sunburn.  There is a beautiful, well maintained swimming pool close to the beach and shops that sell ice-cream, snacks and drinks.  There is also a restaurant where you can have a sit-down meal.  There is a public barbecue or braai area located at the end of the beach where you can have a nice day or night out with friends. There is a beautiful oceanic sculpture on display alongside the beach.  Unfortunately there is not a artist name or description of the meaning of the piece, but it is most definitely a piece that is interesting and pleasurable to look at.  There is a sculpture that can be found next to the foot path that runs behind the beach, and is also a nice find.  The overall experience was really pleasant.

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