South African in Macau

The amazing animals of Ocean Park – Hong Kong Day 2

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While my family was visiting we decided to go back to Hong Kong to Ocean park on the 22nd of December.  I was very excited for the trip and we left on Cotai Water Jet from the Taipa ferry terminal to the Macau ferry terminal in Hong Kong (Sheung Wan).  We took the blue line (island line) from Sheung Wan station in the direction of Chai Wan and switched trains at the Admiralty stop to get on the green line towards South Horizons and got off at the Ocean Park station.  The station is literally next to Ocean Park so it is very easy to get there.
The park has a variety of options for food and is extremely clean with public restrooms readily available.  The animals in the park are well taken care of and you can really get amazing videos and pictures of them.  The park has a bottom and top part, and you can take a cable car to the top instead of walking up. The cable car ride delivers some really nice views of the park and ocean.  The park itself is very colourful and at night the colours really pop.
The animals at the park are really well taken care of and there is a huge variety of animals to be seen, from arctic animals like the Gentoo penguins and arctic fox to tropical Poison dart frogs and a beautiful goldfish exhibition.  They have Giant pandas as well as Red pandas. Check out the list of animals here.
I took beautiful videos that you can check out by clicking on the title – Gentoo and King penguins, Hong Kong Newt, Spotted eagle ray, Poison dart frog and the Pacific walrus.

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