South African in Macau

My first week visiting Macau

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I visited Macau with my husband in February 2017 to see how the island looks and get a feel for the city for our potential new home.  Coming from South Africa, I did not know what to expect from Macau.  I was pleasantly surprised by the city.

The first day out and about in Macau was daunting – hubby and I were headed to St Paul’s Ruins from our hotel.   With our complimentary Travel Buddy provided by Hotel Rio, we entered our route on  google maps, and we were off….

In South Africa I usually drive everywhere, so walking in the busy city was definitely something new for me.  The intricate winding streets were challenging to navigate with google maps, so I started memorizing our route.  When we finally reached St Paul’s ruins I was relieved.  It was unlike anything I have ever seen, I loved photographing it.  The Military museum next to the ruins was closed that day as it was a Monday, but we went up the Fort to see the city from the top.

We went to a friend one night, looking out of his apartment at the lights of the city was breathtaking.
We mostly used the Shuttle busses to get around the city.

The day we went to the Panda park was a very good day because we could see a lot of greenery around the park and we walked to the shops at One Oasis (A beautiful apartment complex).  I was so excited to see how the supermarkets look, as we knew we were moving to Macau and I was worried about how the day to day life would be for me as I will be doing the grocery shopping etc.  Most South Africans do not know were Macau is, so I had no idea what we could find in Macau, and I was pleasantly surprised.  All fellow South Africans … the shops look like our Spar.

I loved Macau at first glance and would really recommend including it in any trip to Asia.  I am excited to make Macau my new home, and will continue sharing all my experiences with you – Macau is a city and island that deserves to be talked about.

The Galaxy Macau has a spectacular show at the Diamond lobby – I took some video of it. Check it out here.

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