South African in Macau

Getting around the island

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Macau has four major modes of transportation for getting around the city namely; Taxi, Shuttle bus service, Public busses and Private vehicles.  I have used three of them so far so I’ll be adding some information on them below.

  1. Taxi

The taxi drivers here speak very little English.  The best way to communicate with them is to have a Chinese version of the address you want to go to on your phone or printed out.  We have a friend who lives her a while, and he made business card size print outs of his address for his family and friends who want to visit him to use in the taxis.

2. Free shuttle bus service

Yes, you read it correctly – free.  A very neat thing about traveling in Macau is that the large casino’s have free shuttle busses that run from the Macau Ferry Terminal to the specific hotel directly.  As a traveller you can board the bus and not worry about getting on or off any busses to get to your destination.  While on the bus you can enjoy the free wifi 🙂

3. Public bus

The public busses are very cheap and figuring out which bus to board can be easily done by using Google Maps (select the public transport option) – It tells you exactly which bus to take, for how many stops, and then the distance you need to walk from the stop to your destination.

You can  buy a Macau pass at their office or Seven eleven.  Check out this Wikipedia page for all the details.



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