South African in Macau

How to get to Macau from Hong Kong International Airport

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There are no direct flights from South Africa to Macau, therefore you will have to take the ferry to Macau from Hong Kong International Airport.  My husband and I found this Video from SkyPier extremely informative.
There are two companies that do ferries out of Hong Kong International Airport, namely Turbo Jet (site) and Cotai Water Jet (site).
At the Ferry waiting area there are coffee shops, restaurants and lots of shops.  Just be warned the coffee shops are crazy expensive, but I found spending the money for a comforting cappuccino at Pacific Coffee totally worth it. Hong Kong International Airport has a  free wifi service for travellers, which we used to inform our loved ones that we got there safely.
The Ferry takes approximately an hour to Macau – food and drink can be purchased on the ferry.  Upon arrival in Macau, you can collect your baggage and proceed to Immigration.  There they do not stamp your passport but give you a small piece of paper that you should keep on your person at all times together with your passport.
Once through customs, there are restaurants and shops in the Macau ferry terminal. You can purchase prepaid sim cards at automated machines at the terminal exit points.  Once you exit, there are taxis ready to take you to your hotel – just remember to print out the address of the hotel for the taxi driver as they do not speak English (We showed the address on our phones to them and they always got us to our destinations safely).  The large hotels and casinos have free shuttle services (with free on board wifi!!) that transport you directly to the hotels (Check with your hotel when making the booking if they have a free shuttle service you can use).  If you are unsure about where the busses are, the friendly staff at the ferry terminal will point you in the right direction.
Well that is all I have for you today,  watch this space for my next post on getting around the island with ease.


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